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This website is fucking important, ok? A lot of us struggle with loving our bodies. A lot of us compare ourselves to other people’s size and progress. A lot of us look in the mirror and don’t like what’s looking back.

Well, guess what? You don’t see yourself how other people see you. This website proves it. What it has you do is guess where you fall on this scale, then you put in some measurements and it shows you where you really fall on the scale.

I thought I was on the larger end, not the biggest, but certainly bigger than the average. I put in my measurements and BAM, I’m at the lower end. I see myself as 15% more than I am. That’s a huge difference.

So the next time you’re feeling down on yourself, thinking ‘I’ve made no progress’ or ‘I look just the same’ or even simply ‘I look fatter than her’, remember that your perception of yourself is warped. 

I’m 50% smaller than I see myself…….

Well. There’s that.

I was 7.5% smaller than I see myself.

Check it out. You may (most possibly, actually) not see yourself as you are.

First time I did this I was 15% smaller than I see myself. Now I’m 7.5% smaller. Slowly fixing my bad body image, one day at a time.

12.5% smaller. Welp.

17.5% wow. I’ll remember this when I’m on the beach in not a lot of clothing next week so I can focus on getting tan and relaxing rather than what others think of me.

22.5%. Shit.

My results are almost identical to the picture…….

I… was spot on. I don’t know what to think about that.

(Source: boohealth)

Anyone who hails a murderer as a hero really needs to reevaluate themselves. It doesn’t matter their motivations or grievances, killing another human being for any reason other than defending the life of yourself or those around you is disgusting and ranks among the lowest tiers of humanity. There is nothing noble in taking a life. There is nothing glorious about it. Murder is evil (regardless of your religious convictions or lack thereof, most of us can agree on that), and to glorify murder is to glorify evil. The motivations don’t matter.

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